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Hi, I'm Eddy!

A surprise engagement is such an exciting session to plan for and carry out. The scheming, secrecy, and buildup all combine to form an electric, energetic atmosphere that comes to a crescendo when the partner in the know finally pops the question. So when a friend of Ben reached out to inquire about my availability, I was ready to go despite the fact that there were fewer than 72 hours until the proposal.

Ben chose Harbour Island as the spot to commemorate the moment. Initially, he wanted a tucked away corner near the water that was surrounded by greenery that used to have a swing. It was a cute spot! But unfortunately the swing was gone and it was a difficult place for me to get into position. So I scouted the location the day before and we decided on a nice long walkway flanked by a boat harbor on one side and buildings on another.

The next day as I waited at the spot, Ben and Nicolette grabbed a drink at Sparkman’s Wharf (great open-air spot for drinks, live music and hanging out) and headed my way. I spotted them crossing the bridge that connected to Harbour Island. Ben — with a brown jacket in one hand that hid the ring box — and Nicolette walked just right past me, an assuming guy with a camera on him. As soon as they did, I stood up and started snapping pics. Within seconds, Ben placed his jacket to the side, got the ring box, dropped down on one knee and popped the question. In a matter of 10 seconds, one of the most beautiful moments of their relationship!

After hugs, kisses and congratulations all around, I took them to a couple of spots in the area to do a mini session and cap the evening. Ben and Nicolette were off to dinner and a mere few hours later they received the full gallery.

Congrats to Nicolette and Ben!


“It really is an art. He was somehow able to exactly capture the fun, breezy, romantic vibe of our wedding day and our relationship, and allow us to completely relive this day through our gallery.”

"I never understood the skill and artistry of a good photographer until I met Eddy"

- Jaclynn

He took the time to get to know us, our family, and friends which made everyone feel comfortable and seen during the wedding day. Throughout the process he was a phenomenal resource for the wedding industry which made the whole planning experience enjoyable, smooth and seamless.

 He is one of the reasons that our wedding will forever be the best day of our lives.

- Claudeane

"We can't say enough WONDERFUL things about our experience with Eddy—"

—the attention to detail, ease of working together, his fun personality and his dedication to his work are top notch. Simply capturing the people that were there was one thing, but Eddy captured the emotions and the story behind the entire day and for that we will be forever grateful.