When I got married, I knew nothing about wedding photography. But I knew I wanted to save money. My goal was to get a vendor at bottom dollar. 

I was concerned about getting a great deal rather than a great photographer.

But I never stopped to think that while my memories would slowly fade and get fuzzy years later, my pictures would be the last vestige that truly told the story of the day. 

So I settled on a vendor that packaged photo and video for a too-good-to-be-true price. 

Our wedding was a dream. It was exactly what we wanted and then some. But the pictures do not reflect that. They fell way short. And it stands today as the biggest regret me and my wife have.

I know what that disappointment feels like. I've used that disappointment and turned it into a drive to deliver the very best on the big day. I promise right from the very outset that you're going to really, really like your photos. 

I know what it's like to be disappointed by your wedding photographer. 

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Since we started our relationship in high school, my wife Mercy and I have always been a team. Though the business is called 'Eddy Almaguer Photography', we both feel a sense of ownership. 

I handle the creative side and she handles the social media, helps style invitation suites and gives key creative input on anything ranging from the presentation of a welcome package for a new client to final revisions on a gallery before delivery. With her help we take our end results to the next level. Suffice to say, Mercy is as important to the business as my cameras. 

It goes way beyond the camera.

Regardless of who does what though, we want to give you a final product that you’ll cherish as you move through different stages in life—something that you can turn back to and reflect how far you’ve come. 

P.S: My daughters Emmalyn and Madelyn love seeing the memories I create for my clients!

I love starting off the day with beautiful details! I consider this my "warm up" time. These details allow me to be creative from the moment I begin shooting on your wedding day. I love having this time to prepare for the rest of your day. Often times, my wife Mercy will stylize your details as well—she has an impeccable eye. 

Portrait time with you and your new spouse is hands down my favorite part of the day. This is when I produce my best work and when my couples really get to enjoy being together on their wedding day. These are also the pictures that you're most likely to print and see in your albums for years to come!

I can't express the sheer excitement I feel during a first look. I get so excited to see the pure emotion, no matter how subtle or grand, from each person. You've been spending all morning looking your best and this is when you finally get to show it off to each other!

Bridal Details


First Look

My Wedding Day Favorites