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Hi, I'm Eddy!

When I saw Claudeane and Robby walking up to me from a distance, and saw just how great they were dressed, I knew that this shoot had the potential to be one of my best yet. And in what’s been a very rainy season, they picked the day where the sun was shining through, casting that perfect backlight that absolutely elevates photos.

The two wanted somewhere near the water so Curtis Hixon Park proved to be a perfect backdrop. It’s one of my favorite spots to photograph in, lending itself to so many unique scenes. It’s hard to take the same picture twice because each time I go I spot something new.

Armed with my brand new 85 mm lens — which in just two shoots may have just become my favorite lens — it was hard *not* to capture fantastic pictures of these two. Robby’s funny remarks and self-deprecating humor had Claudeane laughing at every turn.

My favorite set of pics were in the highest steps of the theatron that borders Kiley Gardens (Why, yes, that’s the first time I ever use the word theatron and I definitely had to google it). The Plant Museum’s minarets and the water in the background was such a beautiful backdrop.

Seeing how easy the two of them photographed together made me that much more excited for the wedding day photos in February


“It really is an art. He was somehow able to exactly capture the fun, breezy, romantic vibe of our wedding day and our relationship, and allow us to completely relive this day through our gallery.”

"I never understood the skill and artistry of a good photographer until I met Eddy"

- Jaclynn

He took the time to get to know us, our family, and friends which made everyone feel comfortable and seen during the wedding day. Throughout the process he was a phenomenal resource for the wedding industry which made the whole planning experience enjoyable, smooth and seamless.

 He is one of the reasons that our wedding will forever be the best day of our lives.

- Claudeane

"We can't say enough WONDERFUL things about our experience with Eddy—"

—the attention to detail, ease of working together, his fun personality and his dedication to his work are top notch. Simply capturing the people that were there was one thing, but Eddy captured the emotions and the story behind the entire day and for that we will be forever grateful.