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I deliver clean, timeless, and elegant photos for couples in Tampa, Florida and beyond.

Hi, I'm Eddy!

Don’t you wish you could freeze time sometimes?

Whenever I spend time with my daughters, I always wish I could slow down time as I try to enjoy and memorize how precious and little they are in that moment.

My wish is impossible, but the next best option is to document our time together.

Family photoshoots are so important for that reason. My family and I take annual photos every year–it’s the best way to look back on our family’s growth over time and be transported to that moment where my oldest was learning how to crawl or learning how to properly carry her newborn sister. The photos themselves will serve as keepsakes for them and their future families to cherish.

Why You Should Book a Mini Session

This spring, I’m offering mini photography sessions for those who would like to document themselves and their loved ones. Mini sessions are great for families, but they are also great to capture important milestones like a graduation, an engagement, a new job, or a move. But you don’t need a special reason to take professional photographs. If you’d like to freeze time by taking professional photographs, book my spring mini session!

Mini Session Details

My mini photography session will be held at Henry B. Plant Museum and the adjoining park on Saturday, April 22, 2023. The time slots begin at 5 pm, and the mini session lasts twenty minutes. The investment is $175, and the mini session package includes five high-resolution photos.

Henry B. Plant Park is a Top Tampa Spot for Photography

This location lends itself really well to mini photo sessions and longer photoshoots. Plant Park is the oldest botanical garden in Tampa located next to the Henry B. Plant Museum, another historic gem.

The museum features beautiful architecture with rounded, ornate arches and a timeless brick facade. The park itself contains a variety of interesting features, including a modern sculpture in the center of the park called Sticks of Fire; an enormous oak tree; a fountain featuring a statue; two, pre-Civil War cannons; a star-shaped bed of flowers; and a path lined with Sabal palm trees overlooking the Hillsborough River. There are no shortage of photo spots here.

Choose One of Two Plant Park Areas for Your Mini Session

Choose your favorite spot for your twenty-minute session.

Plant Museum and Plant Park cover enormous territory. For your mini session, you can choose to photograph primarily in the Plant Museum area or in the park closer to the Sabal trees lining the Riverwalk. Because this is a true mini session with only twenty minutes of coverage, we want to focus on capturing high quality photos rather than traveling from one area to another.

Plant Park Photos

Plant Museum Photos

I’d love to photograph your family!

Book your mini session here.


“It really is an art. He was somehow able to exactly capture the fun, breezy, romantic vibe of our wedding day and our relationship, and allow us to completely relive this day through our gallery.”

"I never understood the skill and artistry of a good photographer until I met Eddy"

- Jaclynn

He took the time to get to know us, our family, and friends which made everyone feel comfortable and seen during the wedding day. Throughout the process he was a phenomenal resource for the wedding industry which made the whole planning experience enjoyable, smooth and seamless.

 He is one of the reasons that our wedding will forever be the best day of our lives.

- Claudeane

"We can't say enough WONDERFUL things about our experience with Eddy—"

—the attention to detail, ease of working together, his fun personality and his dedication to his work are top notch. Simply capturing the people that were there was one thing, but Eddy captured the emotions and the story behind the entire day and for that we will be forever grateful.